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"The First Report" the prelude to the "Muse" (I of V) ~A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

Poetry: Story Poem; in five parts, the "Muse" 

The First Report sets the stage for the other four poems, which were writing before this write, it is about a young Cop's Muse. 


"The First Report" the prelude to the "Muse" (I of V)

I’ve been on the beat some seven years now, and that was the worst that I had ever seen

In I went… in, no fear of the danger, but then fire and thick black smoke

I blacked out, but somehow they all got out, I went down and checked out with the Doc. He said; I’d be just fine; as I listen from the other side of the curtain drawn

The young father went on, I never saw what hit us Doc. Doctor, will they be Okay? The children, my wife, and my mother?

I am sorry son, your mother was just too fragile, the others are banged up badly, but they will recover eventually

You though, your legs, I do not know if I can save them. NO! Doc. save them, please! Even if they never work again save them!

Half a man I could not bare to be, I’ll try son, that’s the best that I can do, I’ll try

The young father went on (as they prep him for surgery) we were moving here to be next to her see; she was doing it, all on her own

Dad was shot some years ago, he was a pillar in our small town, the cornerstone
A Cop for twenty-five years and a preacher, not once did he ever pull his gun, but that’s not what did him in

His love of greasy foods and big fat cigars; we all thought, but not Sis. She said; it was just his time to go and that tick mom off, a lot you know

Even though she knew; Sis was right, Mom has never been the same
Son, the Doctor said: your family, would like to see you now. No! Doc. my sister

Find her please! It's her, I first must see

I remember she floated in, all dress in white, clipboard still in hand, he starts to sob, she bent over him and whispered something in his ear

I could see their silhouettes, on the curtain, and snap! The man pulled the curtain back and stared straight into my eyes

His tears, they suddenly stopped. Then right then he knew, every thing was going to be just fine

I could see it in his eyes, as I finished up my report, the Doc. said good job Don, without you, they all be gone. No! Doc. the other guy what happened to him?

No one else Don, it was all you, Doc. the other Cop! I swear he was there, no one else Don it was all caught on tape, it was just you.

Do I need to take another look at you? No Doc, I just need to rewrite this report.

As I was walking out the door a nurse stopped me and said: please wait the young man is out of recovery and wishes to speak to you.

He wont be still, till he does, please! Come he is making such a fuss

As they ushered me in, the young man grinned, a smile so big and silly, he said with that grin upon his face. Mr. thanks a lot and then he nearly shook me silly

I paused and then went ahead, and asked. Please sir, tell me what did your sister say to you in the E.R.?

In there; oh nothing much, she just told me, that you were the Cop, that helped my Father, get our mother out of those flames

That was her biggest fear, you know. Dad told me, to make sure I tell you, how much he appreciated the help

It was our Mothers greatest fear, to be burnt alive by... in a fire, and my Fathers undying promise to her was, that she would not

( To be Continued)

A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

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