Wednesday, January 27, 2016

"O lie! O lie! Outs Come Free! Run Donnie Run, Run as Fast as You Can" ~by Sinbad the Sailor Man

O lie! O lie! Outs come free! Run Donnie run, run as fast as you can.

These were the sounds echoing, around in my brain quietly, as I slipped into my past, while driving past, that old Harbor Town, where I spent most of my Summer vacation days, at my Grandparent's house. There in their side by side house, not an apartment, but a house with a yard. In the Harbor Town of East Chicago, Indiana. The town was near the Inland and US Steel Mills and too near to those stinking old tanks, of the Standard Oil's Company, all three were minutes from the “Lake” Lake Michigan.


Cheese burgers and home made, “Frenched fries” my Grandma, would cook.

As we were all, out back in the circle, as we use to call it, way back then. Playing the worlds most famous and greatest game, or so we all thought. Anyways; Kick the Can Man! Kick that can! These blocks in this old Harbor town were all Company Homes at one time or another; for the Inland Steel Company's employee's I think.

My Grandfather worked there as a Crane man, running steel coils in and out of the five block long warehouse. He worked all day long with these coils, taking them off or putting them on, the endless rows of semi trucks. The Mill was working then. And we would wait all day long for Grandpa to come home. For then the fun really begun.

We throw some Jacks or Pick up Sticks and then bounce our Super Balls...

But, for just plan fun while killing time. We throw some Jacks or Pick up Sticks and then bounce our Super Balls and then spin our Tops. We were always checking with Stinky Ecklemen to see what time it was, for time never seem to move back then, It barely crawled. And he was the only one of us, with the famed Super man watch, that we all loved to watch him open and read, for it never failed.

We always got to hear the traditional Up, Up, and away! These front porches on these duplexes, were made of solid rock, or just plain old concrete. Depending on whose house it was and or if it was remodeled yet. For the neighborhood was changing and fast. Because everyone had cash, and yet they all collected stamps. Green Stamps I don't quite remember why, for they all were the same, They all had the same S&H on them, but every adult madly collected them.


Waiting, waiting, and waiting and it never seems to stop, it's not even, noon yet! 

Well Grandma's done with the laundry now. We might catch the down town bus and go to the Five and Dime. That was always a very good and fun time. Or we could be walking down to the A&P the only grocery store one should shop at, you know or at least Grandma thought so.

She may need some Wonder bread and that old Blue Bonnet butter and I know for sure we need RC cola. Gee I hope we get to go some were today. I could use some more base ball cards and I am out of Bubble gum, any ways. Maybe the new Match Box car or another Hot Wheels is on display today. I can only pray. Gee I hope we get to do some thing today.

Butterflies and Bubbles every where

Well hoping didn't do anyone any good, I guess I should of prayed. No Five and Dime, No shopping and no RC cola. The tears they sprouted from my eyes, as Grandma told me this horrible news. But only till she, my Grand mom mixed me up some bubbles, for my magic wands. I so remember super bubbles and their magic bubble wands?

One was just a big circle or hoop. And it would make giant bubbles, after you dipped it into the magic plate, of course every one knew about them then. For really big they were; every single one of them was really large, a super bubble. My other wand it was drilled into, a billion tiny wholes. And millions of bubbles shot out from it.

As I would wave it around and around. Those bubbles were glittering, rising and floating all around, and then falling back down to the ground. Whoa whats this? The ground began to move and then it flew away, it was alive with butterflies hundreds of thousands of them on that day. Black and orange with spots of gray those darned fool things. They all flew away, every one of them after giving me a fright, as they took to the skies and flew straight towards my eyes.

Well it's nearly four and the guys are really sore at me,..

Well it's nearly four and the guys are really sore; at me they are sore, as I tell them hey. I said: I just don't know, if I can play today. I told them I want to rest up some. Before my Grand Pop he comes home. And today is the day! I reminded them that today is the day!

Ah come on Don come on, come and play, it won't take all that long. We need some one who can run. No one runs as fast as you. And no one every gets a hold of you. We'll never win with out you, come on, Don! It's Kick the can! Man its, Kick the Can! Your Grand Dad wont take it off with out ya.... You'll get to see what is under that old stupid tarp, you know you will.

Just what was under that so important tarp?

by Sinbad the Sailor Man 

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