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"Sinbad the Sailor Man's Interest with the "Rhime of the "The" Ancient Mariner" Part 1 Verses 7-8" ~Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

Sinbad the Sailor Man's Interest with the "Rhime of the "The" Ancient Mariner" Part 1 Verses 7-8

 "The Rhime of the Ancient Mariner" by Samuel Coleridge

A dissection by a religious Zealot, the Captain of his own ship, the fair lady the "Lover of Lost Souls" Captain Sinbad, the Sailor Man

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I will attempt to explain; How I a Man of faith view a poem written by, a Schooled man of Faith, and in a time of worries.


A dissection of, "The Rhime of the Ancient Mariner" by a religious Zealot! Verse 7 of Part 1

It's been awhile so I will try to keep this simple and brief. Again I'll try to know and relate what it is, this poet, was explaining. It is near impossible to know what any one poet, is thinking or feeling while he is writing. Even for the poet, who has written the write, it is at oft times nearly an impossible endeavor for to know the depths of, this write and his own thoughts.

So we neither get the Poet's true and complete thoughts or the interpreter's true thoughts. For they are only opinions and interjections of and by the Poet and the interpreter, both their worlds and lives. Like Onions they both are, we know there are many teary layers there. In both of their combined lives, and when you get to their centers and then find out they were onions all the way through. Your questions still will go on unanswered.

The Sun came up upon the left,

Out of the sea came he!

And he shone bright, and on the right

Went down into the sea.

The Sun came up upon the left,

In GOD's world there is No need of the Sun. For GOD He is the Light of it, as is His Son the only begotten One. I am under the opinion that the Poet who wrote this is also a reader of the Good Book, and not the legal document it has been turned into.

Now keep in mind, Sinbad is a Good Book reader and not a scripture Lawyer, if you will keep this in mind, you then may begin to see the story unfold.

So Sun, = a son, and not the Son. And it is also important to remember the Compass, the Scales, North, East, South, West, the Northern Star which is the brightest star and is used for navigations. Also the Solar Cycles and the Lunar cycles.

The break down of these verses will jump up and down with informations, as I get deeper into the heart of the poem. And we are no where near it yet, I fear this may take more time, than I was first willing to devote to it. Now Sinbad he knows a great deal of Nautical stuff, but Donnie no so much.

The Sun, a son and not the Son, came up upon the left,

came up upon the left,
Came up upon the left, (,) slight pause whoa! If it is left, then it is not Right!

Out of the sea came he!

Out of the sea
Often refers to the many peoples here on earth, or angels in this first instance of the use of it here. Satan rose from out of the sea of God's children or son's at this instance of time, which is before Time, ever even existed.

came he! with an (!) point. Satan who was once an angel of Light or Direction is to whom this is referring to. My opinion we all know what they are like, everyone has got one and the all stink.

And he shone bright, and on the right

And he. Now this would be Satan, before the Fall. Which would make Him The Cherubim Lucifer.

shone bright, and on the right

shone bright,
Shone Bright, he appears to be, or stands out to be, correct and above the others

and on the right, If your on the right, then you are not wrong or on the left.

Went down into the sea.

Went down If you go down, you descend.
Therefore you are leaving a higher place to go to a lower place.

to the sea. (.) period. The end or a stop here! With the explanations.

(to the sea)
In the Good Book we know that, God separated the waters from each other. He define them. If they are Lower then the Higher, then they are different, not Angels, but Humans. This lower sea is us.
Lucifer came down to us, to our level, to bring us up? I don't know, I just know whatever he was meant to do, he fail to do and he did it by his own Choice! Earning him a new name from God the Father.
Which we know as Satan and still many, many other names he has here.

"The Rhime of the Ancient Mariner" by Samuel Coleridge Verse 8 of Part 1

Okay here is were Donnie should know more then the Captain, but you don't yet know Donnie, but some day you will.

Higher and higher every day,

Till over the mast at noon-

The Wedding-Guest here beat his breast,

For he heard the loud bassoon.

Higher and higher every day,

Higher and higher every day, (,) slight pause.

In all truth as Lucifer desired to be, as the Son of God, who is in fact the GOD in a lower form, such as that of a human or an angel, so GOD Himself can inter act with His creations.

For GOD is so pure and true, that neither we nor the angels can yet comprehend His pureness and truth. This is why God appears in many lower forms, through out the Good Book. His true form would literally destroy or current forms. Deep Hun?

Till over the mast at noon-

Ever here of a Noonday-Mast? Catholics have them and so do many other religions. Lucifer set himself above the Holy Mast.
Note: the word (noon-) see the (-) it is a connector for such a word as
Noonday-Mast, tricky little buggers we poets.

Higher and higher every day,

Till over the mast at noon-

The Wedding-Guest here beat his breast,

The Wedding-Guest = God the Father this I already stated in the earlier Verses

here beat his breast, (,) slight pause.

A description of the emotions by the Narrator, the poet Samuel Coleridge is inferring to the Authority and not the anger, but a warning.

As the Head Male Gorilla of a troop would, say a Silver-back Gorilla.

For He heard the loud bassoon.

Going to wing it a little, but just for fun.

Bassoon/ Baboon or the Loud humming tones of a musical instrument which has a little part of or within the orchestra. In other words the poet, is pointing out to the reader, that the fallen Cherubim Lucifer, he too is only a piece and not the Conductor who makes the music, sing. That the Fallen One is and was created by the Creator, GOD who is Different from him the Fallen Lucifer

Well I am no longer using to dissect this write of Mr Coleridge's. I am writing the rest of the dissections here from
For now my time is in high demand from my other projects.

I make No claims to know or to be any one special in this dissection

This is just some thing that I was struck to do, and so I did it! And I will try to complete the whole write. This is a rather Lengthy Write and this will take me some time to complete, as I am rather busy building my empire .
No offense is intended or was meant I just like this write and what it made me feel and see. Thank you Donnie/Sinbad the Sailor Man

Sinbad the Sailor Man's Interest with "The Rhime of the Ancient Mariner"
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