Wednesday, January 27, 2016

"Sea of Learning" ~A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

Poetry: A religious Zealot's zeal

The zeal of a religious Zealot and the truth he has gleamed from the Good Book's verses and poetry. 



"Sea of Learning"

Truth be it known to those only, who think they, themselves are wise
Would scare them from Death and his fields, because of his lies and their size

Some will never know where they have come from until the end
Some will never believe; that they are being deceived, although deep down it is known of by men

The Word has been given. To those who have ears may they hear
Those who will seek, they shall find, if they have a mind they must share

Deception lies everywhere, so things they must be reproved
This world of ours is just now getting into this groove

Mis-believers abound everywhere, in churches, communes, in temple mounts
Even the atheist he shouts. What is this god that you preach about?

Three earth ages so shall it be known, that some day we may all go home
The thing has been set into motion, placed there with a great devotion

Planned out to the last detail, from the foundations unto the Throne, and then theres a Corner Stone
From the snails who carry their homes upon our Lord’s back, to the lions who did attack

The most beautiful Boast he is yet, set to come first; and in the Likeness
Of not himself; but as that of, the bright and morning star, the “Son of Man” THE True Lamb

Even as the sun it self may bow unto him, Beloved do not be deceive, this is his last defensive move
The Lamb of Life must be proved, so flying away is a great bust, in the True God a testimonial you must!

You shall be brought up onto “Death” But he is yet power-less, from the Lamb not one hair may he pluck
Satan the Prince of Darkness, the keeper of the gate, has at last succumb to his Fate

The two Witnesses of the time, he has laid them to rest, so we are put unto the test three days shall pass before that last trump
The blazing flame of truth; now He our Savior is known, the seven thousand beguile are struck, instantly dead

Satan the Prince of Darkness is now chained to his gates, of Hell and awaits down in the pit One Thousand Years

Because, jealous of the Lamb and His Father’s Great Plan, Satan was placed there with a band
That every mortal soul may have this gift of Salvation, the millennium it was planned

For the unknowing souls, that they may also be proved, so then; all souls may know to whom they will choose
This season now over, Lucifer is set loose to reveal his tares, their angles shall gather them up; for they are not squared, Set lose are God's Angels Beware you tares!

Then the Judgment will set the Kingdom up, The Lord shall set the chaff upon the fire and gather up the wheat

Therefore be it known! The Heavens have been purged! And true life may be again, right here at home

For all great and truthful things; belong to the Father, my… Our Loving God

A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

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The Man Inside the Man
Sinbad the Sailor Man
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